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Container Services for Your Business in Hawaii

Serving Oahu, Kauai, Maui & Big Island

*Lease and Sell Shipping Containers

Perfect for Construction projects for storage of equipment and materials. Cut down on your trucking and transfer costs and provides a safe environment for materials and equipment on site.



*Lease and Sell Modular Office Units

These Units are pre-fab units that you can use for temporary office units at job sites or also for homes.



*Custom Container Fabrication & Retrofitting Sales

Office Units, Temporary Housing Units, Storage Units, Rental Units, Water Catchet System, etc.


Find out About Our Container Modifications Now



*Chassis Sales

20ft, 40ft,  and Special Requests



*Heavy Machinery & Equipment Sales


Call us today at (808) 807-7425 to find out more and start solving your storage and space problems now.


We Deliver To You - Kauai, Oahu, Maui & Big Island!


Our Promise to You: To Provide Top Quality Delivery at Great Rates!

Leasing & Selling of Shipping Containers in Hawaii
Makai Used & New Shipping Containers - Honolulu, Hawaii
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